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Mini Questions

Minimetoo, a minimizing project, is minimizing your loved ones! How are we doing this? BLack Magic! No you just upload the photograph of you or your beloved ones and we begin the minimizing process. Your Minimetoo toy will be by your side forever, becoming the ultimate gift for your loved ones!

When can i get my hands on my Minime?

Your Minime will undergo a series of secret and magical processes. Avarage shipping period is 5 days after your order.

How many photographs should i upload?

We suggest you to upload at least 3 clear photographs. The resemblance factor of your Minime toy depends on this.

Can i upload anyone's photograph?

Yes, you can upload anyone's photograph.

Can i add new features to my Minime?

You can specify your special demands in the special features part.

Can you ship overseas?

We can ship to anywhere a global shipping company can reach.

I do not enjoy my Minime at all, what should i do?

Minimetoo Crew aims 100% customer satisfaction. You can share your questions and complaints via telephone.

Are Minime Toys safe for the children?

All Minimetoo products have CE certification.